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The anchoring issue of Good Old Boat (May/June 2021) was full of great tips. In it, technical editor Drew Frye showed us how to make a kellet—weight added to anchor rode itself, to decrease the angle between the rode and the bottom to improve holding and decrease boat movement–using a short length of chain. Great idea, […]

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One of the ironies of being the editor of a sailing magazine is that you rarely get to sail. That is, the duties involved with the day-to-day management of a sailing magazine—or any magazine, for that matter—can become all-consuming. Essentially what this means is that as Good Old Boat’s new editor, I’ve done very little […]

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Nigel Calder and his team of marine electrics experts have hit the mark, says Rupert Holmes in this Boat Electrics 101 review.

Arguably the most misunderstood aspect of boat maintenance concerns the electrical systems.

Price: US$199

To make matters worse, many older boats were not wired to a good standard and many have additional equipment added in a haphazard fashion. Indeed, even some new boats are still not...

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X Boat champion Kamron Kaiser and crew Peter Goggins won a hard-fought 2021 senior X boat Inland Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) regatta at Pewaukee Lake, WI. He has performed consistently well in the X boat over the past few years,…

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Sailing, dragon boat and canoe clubs back on the water... but the future of sailing for thousands of schoolchildren still in doubt

Club members pull the boats in after a their first sail in Christchurch harbour after lockdown

Dorset sailors returned to the water this month after their club was threatened with closure. The club, which was affiliated to Hengistbury Head Outdoor Education Centre (HHOEC), was saved by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP) after the college that ran the centre closed it down.

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This dangerous gas oven onboard Maximus, the PBO Project Boat, will definitely have to go

This old gas oven is unsafe and will need to go

Is your boat gas oven safe?

“A lot of people own boat ovens like this one,” says marine surveyor Ben Sutcliffe Davies. “However, what’s worrying is when you see the gas hose being brought through the back of the cooker like this.”

During the survey of the...

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Are you working hard enough on downwind boat speed? It’s easy to lose focus, even though downwind sailing requires at least as much concentration as upwind sailing. For this post, we decided to compile a big picture list of things…

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Ali Wood drinks 2-year-old stagnant rainwater from leaky project boat Maximus... and survives to tell the tale

Ali tests the Liberty Lifesaver filtration bottle by drinking the locker water

Drinking bilge water isn’t something you do every day, but it seemed like a great opportunity to test the...

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When the gas locker on Maximus turns out to be dangerous, surveyor Ben Sutcliffe-Davies pulls out a gas detector before continuing the survey

Detecting gas leaks on boats is very important, especially as gas standards on boats were very different 40 years ago. Sadly the PBO Project Boat Maximus is going to require a whole new installation if we decide to keep gas onboard.

After discovering a faulty DIY gas locker and out-of-date hoses on the Maxi 84, marine surveyor Ben Sutcliffe-Davies insisted on getting his gas wand out before...

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Most tuning guides for centerboard dinghies and scows tell you to raise your board 1-2″ in heavy air. In this post we’ll briefly discuss three reasons why this is important. This post updates our previous post on setting leeboard height…

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