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Moving a mainsail sheet traveler track makes for smooth sailing through the companionway. To my mind, there are two types of sailors: racers and cruisers. Racers are intent on tuning their rigging for maximum wind-gathering, speed, and thrill. Cruisers are content to glide along on smooth water, perhaps more focused on the magic of a […]

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We've fallen in love with this vintage marine radio onboard PBO Project Boat Maximus

The vintage Sailor radio onboard Maximus

Wow! Take a look at this lovely vintage marine radio onboard Maximus, the PBO Project Boat. Marine surveyor Ben Sutcliffe-Davies does a double-take when he sees the RT144 radio, which he used to have on his fishing boat many years ago.

“They were amazing sets!” exclaims Ben. “They had the proper telephones and the beautiful...

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The outhaul on any boat gets a lot of use and can cause its share of headaches. Outhaul failures are often race-ending events. Although outhaul failures seem rare, S&R Marine in Pewaukee, WI claims to do plenty of repairs on outhauls.…

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Sealife expert Genevieve Leaper explains why Wally the Walrus is targeting boats, and how the Arctic walrus got so far from home

Photo: Tom Owen

Wally the walrus stunned boat owners last week when he circled boats in the Isles of Scilly and tried to climb aboard dinghies and bathing platforms. PBO contributors Lorraine and Tom Owen managed to film the walrus whilst in Porthcressa, St Mary’s.

“Looking into his calm but quizzical eyes, we could easily have reached down and patted him, although, of course, we didn’t,...

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Lorraine and Tom Owen come face to face with Wally the Walrus, the boat-loving walrus who's been climbing aboard people's boats

Wally tries to board a boat. Photo: Scott Reid

We’ve been visiting the Isles of Scilly for over 20 years now and had thought we’d seen all the flora and fauna the islands have to offer… puffins, shearwaters, seals, crabs, lobsters. So when someone called, “There’s a walrus in the anchorage!”, to say we were surprised was an understatement!

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Here’s a tip for newer sailors planning to moor a boat or tow a boat on the water. To prevent broken shrouds or forestays, you need to stabilize the rig. Take this simple precaution to save wear and tear. Why…

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The gas locker and gas hoses on Maximus, the PBO Project Boat, are dangerous – just watch what happens when we empty a bucket of water in there!

This gas locker ought to be water-tight. Fumes will leak right out

Is your gas locker safe? If it looks anything like this one then it’s not…

In this video, marine surveyor Ben Sutcliffe-Davies inspects the gas locker of Maximus, the...

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As racing sailors, we’re striving to “become one with the wind,” instinctively making use of every little change. If you didn’t grow up sailing, you probably need visual cues to help sharpen those instincts. This article responds to a reader…

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Broadblue catamarans, Pixii aluminium jet drive hulls, RS Electric boats, Plymouth ferry e-Voyager and more will grace the inaugural Green Tech Boat Show this weekend

The Pixii SP800 will be making its public debut at the MDL Green Tech Boat Show

It’s a truly electric line up of boats at MDL’s Green Tech Boat Show, which opens its doors for the first time this weekend (19-20 June), at Queen Anne’s Battery marina, Plymouth.

Catamaran builder Broadblue launched its first electric drive model, the Broadblue 345, in 2009. On display at...

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When you are on the sea, in any kind of boat, it’s worth knowing a little about the tides for two reasons, writes champion kayaker Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton is a world champion kayaker who explores Scotland with his Finnmaster 76CA motorboat – here he is racing on the River Dee
  1. If you choose the tide correctly it’ll help you on your way in a totally green way – free energy
  2. If you choose your tide incorrectly, and the wind is blowing against the tide, you could find yourself in very unpleasant and dangerous conditions, no...
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